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At RightSize Funding, we want to work closely with our clients to help them develop a positive relationship with creditors after bankruptcy and/or other credit issues by offering automobile financing through dealership and private sales.


RightSize Funding offers a full spectrum of auto lending programs through Indirect Dealer loans, Direct loans, and Bankruptcy Redemption loans. Our clients often had poor credit in the past due to bankruptcy or other financial problems and are unable to finance vehicles through banks. Our loans vary in length from 24-72 months to offer flexibility in payments to find the RightSize loan for you. At RightSize Funding we do not hold bankruptcy and poor credit against you. Checking credit is only part of our decision process. We look at your whole situation to help find the best opportunity to put you into a vehicle loan. We report to Equifax and Trans Union so your good payment history will reflect on your credit going forward.

RightSize Funding is an installment loan company and is not a debt relief agency as defined in 11 U.S.C. Section 101(12)(A).